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The Potez 540 which, from some aspects, epitomised French design thinking of the early 'thirties for aircraft fulfilling the "Multiplace de Combat" requirement. The particular example illustrated here landed at Middle Wallop in 1940 after the French collapse, having presumably been on the strength of one or other second-line unit. This aircraft, Potez 540 No 51, is known to have been flown to St Athan and then, on 6 August 1940, to Odiham, but its subsequent fate is unknown.
Swordfish I (K5972) of No 823 Sqdn, HMS Glorious, 1936.
Swordfish I (L2731) of No 820 Sqdn, HMS Ark Royal, 1939.
Swordfish I (P4210) of No 821 Sqdn, HMS Ark Royal, 1940.
Swordfish I (K8440) of No 822 Sqdn, HMS Courageous, 1939.
Swordfish I (K8419) of No 824 Sqdn, HMS Eagle, 1940.
Swordfish III (NF410) of No 119 Sqdn, RAF Coastal Command, 1945.
Swordfish IV (HS268) of No 1 NAGS, Canada, 1944.
Swordfish II (NF117) believed to have been operated by No 811 Sqdn, HMS Biter, 1944.
Swordfish I (V4367) of Catapult Flight, HMS Malaya, 1940.
Swordfish II (HS275) of No 1 Naval Air Gunnery Achool, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1943.