Flight 1939-04
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Flight Lieut. P. G. Lucas, Test Pilot of Hawker Aircraft Ltd. with a Hawker Hurricane single-seat fighter.
Jigs for producing rear fuselage components of the "Spitfire I".
The Vicker’s Supermarine ‘Spitfire.’ Bostik Cement was used for glazing the windows.
All parts for this component are jig-drilled.
One of The Royal Egyptian Air Force Westland Lysanders over the Nile
DRAGON RAPIDE. 2 1/2 tons, 6-8 passengers, economical cruising 132-135 m.p.h., 213-218 km./hr.
ALBATROSS, 13 tons, 22 passengers, economical cruising 210 m.p.h., 338 km./hr.
FLAMINGO, 7 1/2 tons, 12-20 passengers, economical cruising 338 km./hr.
Sebastian Cabot - Grand Pilot, discoverer of Labrador and famous surveyor of American coast. Four hundred years ago Cabot voyaged for weeks - to cover distances which take the modern “Cabot” only hours. “Hearts of oak” were all right in those leisurely days. The modern voyager chooses “Hiduminium” - because no metal that is lighter is as strong, and none that is stronger is as light. For this reason “Hiduminium” is extensively used in the Short “Cabot” and the other modified C-class flying boats. Our congratulations to Short Brothers on these speedy machines - which combine safety and long range with excellent pay-load capacity.