Flight 1939-05
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''Westland Lysander Army Co-operation Aircraft as supplied to the Royal Air Force''
Носовая часть "Энсона" I
BUILT-IN SLOTS. This photograph shows the slots now standardised on the 'TIPSY'
Remember your training days ... the difficulties you experienced. Judging a 3-point landing. Checking and holding off till the precise landing speed was reached. Taxying with your view obscured by the engine cowling, and trying to maintain your direction using coarse rudder. These difficulties do not exist with the Cygnet. Landing is simply a matter of gliding on to the wheels. As soon as one touches down, the aeroplane drops into a stable position on all three - and cannot bounce or fly off. Taxying is as easy as motoring, you can see directly ahead. Direction is self-maintained by twin rudders and fins, enabling the Cygnet to be flown 'feet off' at any throttle opening.
MILES MASTER The fastest and most advanced trainer in the world IN QUANTITY PRODUCTION FOR THE ROYAL AIR FORCE
COMING IN: The machine shown about to land with flaps and wheels lowered is Lockheed 14. Particularly noteworthy are the Fowler flaps on the Lockheed 14, which has a maximum speed in the neighbourhood of 260 m.p.h. and is fitted with two Wright Cyclone engines.