Flight 1939-07
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Robert Loraine, the well-known actor, was also distinguished as an airman. He qualified as a pilot in 1910 and in the same year he made the first aeroplane flight across the Irish Sea. When flying over Salisbury Plain he sent out the first wireless message from the air. Shell has been closely connected from the start with every development in aviation. In the early days Shell was busy prospecting for sites suitable for aerodromes and landing stations, and in producing a fuel capable of achieving greater speeds. The result of this work is the Shell Aviation Service of today whereby a pilot holding a Shell Carnet can obtain supplies of Shell oil and fuel at all Shell stations throughout the world.
Mr. Jerry Sayer (Right) Chief Test Pilot, Mr. Maurice Summers of the Gloster Aircraft Co. Ltd., with a Hawker Henley.
It will be seen in this view that the low turret can be slid back to permit mooring operations.
THE MILES MASTER is fitted with an Engine Control Unit, designed and constructed jointly by H. M. Hobson (Aircraft and Motor) Components Ltd. and Phillips & Powis Ltd. under HOBSON PATENTS. It incorporates in one unit the following Controls
ROTOL VARIABLE PITCH AIRSCREWS are fitted on ROLLS-ROYCE KESTREL XXX ENGINES installed in the MILES MASTER AIRCRAFT manufactured by Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd., of Reading
On April 1, 1939, Trans-Canada Air Lines added a daily passenger schedule to its established airmail service from Montreal to Vancouver. Within a few weeks six more luxurious Lockheed 14 transports were ordered. This will bring Trans-Canada’s total Lockheed fleet to twenty.
SERVICING T.C.A. LOCKHEED 14 - Easy access to control units is an important maintenance advantage...speeds up the frequent, routine inspections.
LOADING T.C.A. LOCKHEED 14 - Four spacious cargo compartments accommodate airmail and express traffic between Vancouver and Montreal...2411 miles, now covered in 14 flying hours.
THE LARGEST BRITISH FLYING BOATS Golden Hind, Grenadier and Granville, now being completed by SHORT BROS., LTD. at Rochester for IMPERIAL AIRWAYS’ trans-Atlantic services, are each equipped with 5.500 ft. of Callender Aircraft Cable.
The Taylorcraft Plus has the tremendous advantages of side-by-side seating and dual control in a totally enclosed cabin. Could anything be better for the pupil (or the instructor for that matter) than this new British trainer craft with its steel construction and almost foolproof flying stability?
The 55 h.p. engine provides a cruising speed of 100 m.p.h. and the machine is fully aerobatic with a very low landing speed. The price is £479. Technical information with pleasure on request