Flight 1939-09
Flight Advertisements
FOR THE DEFENCE OF BRITAIN: The Hawker Hurricane is in large-scale production for interceptor fighter squadrons. Powered with the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the Hurricane ranks among the world's fastest aircraft.
The Short-Mayo Composite. The upper and lower components are Mercury and Maia respectively.
"My next hop is 1,000 miles across the desert ... anybody here who can look over my wireless set?" "Marconi?" "Yes" "O.K. Their engineer will come along right away"
The de Havilland "Flamingo" with Perseus XII engines.
Mr. ‘Bill’ Skinner, Chief Test Pilot of Phillips & Powis Ltd., prepares to test a Miles Master.
The Taylorcraft Plus is an ideal plane for the Club and "Owner-Pilot." It is low in first cost, has low operating costs. Side-by-side seating with dual control in enclosed cabin. All metal construction and fully aerobatic. Top speed 110 m.p.h. Cruising speed 90 m.p.h. Price L500.