Flight 1939-10
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“Bristol” aircraft have always occupied a premier position in British military aviation. The “Bristol“ Blenheim, combining great structural strength with exceptional speed, range and manoeuvrability, is now an increasingly vital factor in the strength of Britain’s air arm, and has already performed valuable service with the Royal Air Force in high-speed long-range bombing, fighting and reconnaissance.
Here’s one of the pioneer planes that used to attract such eager crowds during the summer of 1912. It is conducting some early wireless tests from the air. Even then (while airmen were still blazing a sky trail across the counties) Marconi service was planning ahead; foreseeing developments in the future. To-day, when air routes take a continent in their stride, naturally it is still Marconi Wireless Equipment that leads the way.
Rescue by air of the crew of 34 of the "Kensington Court" in Short "Sunderland" flying boats