Flight 1939-12
Flight Advertisements
The new Martin “162” Patrol Bomber, designed for the U.S. Navy, is a swift and potent guardian of our far-flung coast lines - an important contribution to our Government’s program of National Defense.
Perseus engined Blackburn Skua.
Transports for TRADE and bombers for DEMOCRACY
Miles "Master" Trainer
BOLD, resolute and matchless in courage, the 15th century Hotspur stalks through the pages of Shakespeare to immortality. Today, another Hotspur streaks through the sky to “honour and renown” - the Hawker Hotspur. Fast, powerful and reliable, this two-seater fighter is a worthy product of a famous firm. We are glad its construction embodies components of Hiduminium R.R. Alloys because no metal that is lighter is as strong, none that is stronger is as light.