Air International 1995-08
Formerly used for cartography, An-2P Colt HA-YHC (c/n 1G18145) is now used to celebrate mass, weddings and funerals! Reflecting its religious role, a yellow cross is painted on the cabin door and the lower wing undersurface. Operated by Air Church, the aircraft is based at Kaposujlak, Hungary.
This colourful grey and blue MiG-21UM Mongol displayed at the Dutch Air Force airshow at Volkel on July 1 and 2, 1995. Serialled 3756, this aircraft was until recently held in storage - it belongs to the Czech Republic Air Force Test Group based at Caslav.
In immaculate condition, captured Iraqi Mil Mi-8 Hip-H, c/n 226M174, was seen on the flying club ramp at Simmons AAF, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Also on the ramp is a captured Mil Mi-24D Hind-D which does not appear to have a serial or construction number visible.
Prominent on the EAA’s Sun‘n’ Fun flight line, Florida, in April 1995 was the Jeppesen Foundation's Fairchild F-27, N235KT. Under the banner of Helping the World’s Children to See It More Clearly, the F-27 is equipped as a flying optical laboratory and provides underprivileged children with free eye examinations and suitable glasses.