Air International 1999-11
R.Burgess - United States Navy Today /Military aviation/ (2)
Formation flypast by four F/A-18s of the Blue Angel demonstration team. Formally known as the Naval Flight Demonstration Squadron, it is part of the Naval Air Training Command.
Bell TH-57C Sea Rangers are flown by HT-8 and HT-18 to train helicopter pilots in instrument procedures.
Two Naval Air Reserve squadrons operate SH-2G Super Seasprite helicopters. This SH-2G assigned to HSL-84 is equipped with the Magic Lantern laser mine-hunting system.
Two HCS squadrons assigned to Helicopter Wing Reserve fly the HH-60H Seahawk for combat SAR missions. This HH-60H, assigned to HCS-5, will eventually be replaced by the CH-60S Knighthawk.
Two E-2C Hawkeyes assigned to VAW-77 fly over an old Spanish fort in Puerto Rico. VAW-77, a reserve unit established specifically to conduct drug interdiction operations, assumed its roles from VAW-122, a former fleet carrier squadron.
Four aircraft types operated by Training Wing to train naval flight officers and Air Force navigators: (from left to right) T-34C Turbo-Mentor, T-1A Jayhawk, T-39N Sabreliner and T-2C Buckeye.
Personnel and cargo are shuttled to fleet units by C-9B and DC-9 Skytrain IIs of the Naval Air Reserve's Fleet Logistics Support Wing. This C-9B is assigned to VR-56 based at Naval Station Norfolk's Chambers Field. Boeing C-40As are being procured to begin replacing the ageing C-9/DC-9 fleet.
A single F/A-18B of the Naval Strike Air Warfare Center (NSAWC) formates with a pair of F-5Es operated by VFC-13. Both units are based at NAS Fallon in Nevada and are instrumental in advanced crew training, VFC-13 provides aggressor opposition as can be determined by the Soviet style red star on the tails and tactical code on the nose.
T-2C Buckeye, 158878, assigned to TAW-1. The T-2C is soldiering on until it can he completely replaced as a pilot trainer by the T-45C.