Air Enthusiast 2003-09
T.Buttler - Through the master's lens
Third of the three Meteor T.7s refurbished for the Swedish civilian contractor Svensk Flygtjanst, SE-DCC was previously Gloster's private-venture ground-attack version G-AMCJ. It was delivered to Stockholm in August 1959.
Javelin FAW.4 XA631 in the snow at Moreton Valence, circa 1956. After trials work at Boscombe Down it joined a string of operational units until it was retired in mid-1963.
Incredible colour scheme on Javelin FAW.2 XA778. This 'Flat Iron' was used by the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment at Boscombe Down, Witts, as a pacer to determine airspeed indicator errors on other aircraft.
Javelin FAW.8 XH966 was retained by Glosters in 1959 for a variety of trials before joining 41 Squadron. It was scrapped in November 1964.
Predecessors of the 'Red Arrows', the Folland Gnat T.1s of the 'Yellowjacks' display team, 1964. Note that the leader's aircraft, XR992, has a black fin.
Royal Flight DH Heron C.3 XH375 in mirror metal finish, May 1955.
In April 1954, Russell Adams visited the aircraft carrier HMS 'Eagle': DH Sea Hornet NF.21 VW957 of 809 Squadron.
Syrian Meteor F.8s on air test. Twelve new-build examples were supplied in late 1952/early 1953. These were followed by seven refurbished RAF F.8s in 1956.