Air Enthusiast 2003-09
D.Stern - Tundra retriever
In 1945, two Lockheed P-38 Lightnings were dog-fighting near Point McKenzie, Alaska, just across from Elmendorf Field. They collided and both pilots died. Few who visited the crash site of the visible P-38, were aware of the second example's wreckage, hidden in a grove of trees.
Former Vietnam pilot Ken Tripplet, sling-loading a P-38's landing gear from a small clearing made in the tree line.
Unidentified salvagers dismantle an abandoned USAF RF-101 Voodoo that participated in the Arctic war exercises held annually in Alaska. The fighter was salvaged in the mid-1970s, across Cook Inlet from Anchorage, Alaska.
'Five-Three-Delta' under its own power, winging back to Kluane Lake airstrip with Kip at the controls and Keith Upton flying escort.
Kip Kippenham, on a short break while shovelling out Arctic Institute's Courier from a snow-packed tomb, on Mount Saint Elias.
The old Lycoming engine hangs from the tripod prior to being sling loaded down the mountain to Kluane airstrip by a Canadian Bell helicopter.
Kip's personal aircraft, was former Northern Consolidated Pilatus Porter N4911.
The Twin Pioneer, 'The Thing', being pathed up at Pilot Point airstrip.
Howard Fowler examining Anchorage Towing and Wrecking company's Super Cub crash landed upon a dry creek's gravel bar. The gear folded up during the rough landing, twisting fuselage tubing as well.
Bush pilot Buck Maxon's DHC Otter turned turtle during an emergency landing in a river just north of Noatak, Alaska.
Kip pumping water into the wing to flush out the large amount of flour silt deposited by the river in all the nooks and crannies where ribs, skin and stringers meet.
Thanks to Kip's easy-going nature, Bob Hall got his special coffin-carrying Widgeon, raised from a watery grave and returned to service.