Air International 2020-11
S.van Roij - Dutch masters
The special scheme on this PC-7 trainer marked the 131 EMVO Squadron's 30th anniversary with Royal Netherland Air Force in 2018.
The PC-7 in its original yellow colours preparing to land at Gilze-Rijen in 2005
The 131 EMVO Squadron's home is at Woensdrecht, the most southwestern air base in the Netherlands
A student pilot checks Gilze-Rijen's CTR (controlled traffic region) during a low approach to the air base
Capt Pieter in front of one of the EMVO squadron's PC-7s at Woensdrecht air base
The Cockpit Procedure Trainers have had to be renewed in line with the new digital cockpits
Prior to upgrading, the fleet of PC-7 trainers had analogue cockpit layouts. They were the last RNLAF aircraft to change to digital instruments.
Student and pilot trainer prepare for take-off in the new, digitally-equipped PC-7