Air Enthusiast 2003-09
C.Justo - Great War glory
Built in the USA by Gerald Thornhill and completed in 1982 as N4463, Sopwith Camel ZK-JMU is powered by a 160hp (119kW) Gnome rotary. It is painted as the example flown by Clive Collett who hailed from Blenheim, New Zealand. Gene DeMarco flew it at the event.
Fokker Dr.I ZK-JOC which wa built in the USA as N4203K to Walt Redfern plans in the early 1980s by a group that included Walt himself.
Flown at the show by John Lanham, Dr.I ZK-FOK was built by Stuart Tantrum of Blenheim in the mid-1980s to Watt Redfern plans.
Nieuport 24 ZK-JOZ was built in USA by Roberto Garcia to Walt Redfern plans and completed in 1996 as N1895A.
Built to exacting standards by Ed Storo in the USA, Bristol F.2b Fighter ZK-JNU was displayed by Tim Sullivan. Completed in 1993 as N7724, it is powered by a Ranger six-cylinder air-cooled upright engine of 200hp (149kW). It is currently painted to represent an example that is believed to have seen srvice with the Royal Air Force in Afghanistan.
Built in Suffolk, UK, by AJD Engineering from original drawings and completed in 1994 as G-ECKE, Avro 504K is powered by a Warner Scarab seven-cylinder air-cooled radial engine of 145hp (108kW). Painted in Royal Falying Corps as D8781, it was not flown at the show.
Steve Petersen flew Halberstadt D.IV ZK-JOW at the Classic Fighters event. It was built in the USA by Carl Swanson, who had to use three-view drawings as no plans exist for this model.