Air International 2021-01
M.Broadbent - Life in the Jumbo yet
Normally used to transport 787 sub-assemblies, last July Boeing 747 Dreamlifters were used to transport personal protection face masks, as seen here at Salt Lake City, Utah
Cargolux is the world’s second-biggest Boeing 747 operator, fielding 16 examples of the 747-400F and 14 747-8Fs
UPS Airlines' 747-8F fleet includes N605UP (c/n 64252), named Spirit of Joe Sutter.
UPS Airlines will eventually operate 28 of the 747-8F types
The 747-8 is Lufthansa's new flagship
Just 47 747-8 Intercontinentals were sold
The 747’s high volume freight capacity gives it a pivotal role in air cargo
The 747-8F has 46 cargo positions on its main and lower decks, with 30,288ft3 (857m3) total cargo volume. An internal power drive system is used to power the rollers that move payloads into position.
BA retired Boeing 747-436 G-CIVB to Cotswold Airport, Kemble in October 2020
The 70ft-long (21m) LauncherOne rocket, weighing 57,000lb (25,854kg) is carried on Boeing 747-400 Cosmic Girl's specially strengthened left wing. Its initial 'space shot' is set for early 2019.
A former Qantas 747-400 is under conversion to become an engine testbed for Rolls-Royce.
A CGI of the ex-Qantas Boeing 747-400 that will become Rolls-Royce’s second flying testbed.