Air Enthusiast 1996-07
C.Ashworth, P.Green - Bournemouth Bases
Armstrong Whitworth FK.4 C84xx at ‘Bournemouth’, 1918.
“Mr Dalton and Sundorph” reads the caption. These are taken to be civilian instructors, posing in front of a Bristol F.2b.
A view of the F.2b - note the lack of serial number.
Caudron outside the buildings, 1918. The caption declares this to be a “70hp Renault”. Note the ‘show through’ of what seems to be a roundel on the upper starboard wing. Sopwith Pup to the left.
“Lon Harrington with Instructor” was the original caption of this Caudron in Mr Harrington’s scrapbook. This, and the other photos in this feature was taken at ‘Bournemouth’ in 1918. It now seems certain this was Ensbury Park. The ornate lettering under the instructor’s ‘perch’ is ‘BA’ - for Bournemouth Aviation?
Another Caudron and clearly different from that previously illustrated. This was captioned “Dirty Dick” in the Harrington album. It this Anzani powered?
Another view of the Caudron trainer, giving a better view of the ‘BA’ lettering.
Airco-built DH.6 B304x. Note the fuselage band.