Air Enthusiast 1999-07
A.Bedford - Early American Carrier Jets (2)
Cutlass went through considerable development, it paved the way for the superb Crusader. Late series F7U-3M with an F8U-1.
A North American XFJ-1 in flight.
Skipper of VF-51, Cdr Peter Aurand, made the only deck-run takeoff with an FJ-1. He barely dribbled off the bow of the USS ‘Boxer’. All further launches were by catapult.
Towards the end of the Korean War, the No.3 XFJ-2 BuNo 39055 flies wing on the No.3 XFJ-1 133756. The first three XFJ-2s were essentially navalised F-86E Sabres, one with armament changed and two with hooks and catapult fittings.
FJ-1 BuNo 120347, was used at ‘Pax’ River by both Electronics Test and Tactical Test, serving out its days with the reserves at NAS Olathe, Kansas
North American FJ-1 Fury.
No.3 XF7U-1 122474 prior to fitting the Solar afterburners to the J34s.
The pilot-first Cutlass surprisingly had poor landing visibility from the cockpit. F7U-1 124415 takes off from the ‘cat’ on CVB-41.
View of BuNo 128451, the first production F7U-1.
F7U "Катлэсс"
View of BuNo 128451, the first production F7U-1.
Pilot of late-model F7U-3s enjoyed excellent visibility, even to the rear
First of the XF7U-1S, BuNo 122474 shows the clean lines and advanced concepts that intrigued the Navy
Vought F7U-3 Cutlass.
The 30 production F6U-1 Pirates (BuNo 122491 illustrated) averaged only 31.5 hours of flight time each before being scrapped.
Vought F6U-1 Pirate.