Air Enthusiast 1999-07
G.Cruz - Singular Giant
A few months before being withdrawn from use, Ju 290A-5 parked on the edge of Matacan’s apron on February 25, 1956. The inner starboard engine lacks its propeller. Note the B-25D on the right. The T-6Ds were assigned to the Matacan-based Basic School.
Before the Ju 290s, the DLH were already using some Ju 90s, like D-ADLH ‘Sachsen’, seen here soon after taking off from Palma de Mallorca in the early 1940s. The Ju 52/3m in the foreground was one of four purchased by Iberia in early 1941.
Poor quality picture showing the dark DLH livery, probably grey or green, applied in 1945 to one of the three converted Ju 290A-5s (in this case D-AITQ ‘Preussen’, w/nr 110176). This livery was supposedly applied to the other two as well.
Разоруженный Ju 290A-5 с опознавательными знаками испанских ВВС, аэродром Матакам, 1952 г.
St Andrews’ crosses on a white background were painted even in the inner surface of the rudders - an unusual practice in the EdA’s system of aircraft markings at that time. After the removal of every gun position and blister-type windows, the clean lines of the Ju 290 are evident.
The powerful Ju 290A-5 was much appreciated in the EdA, as it lacked a heavy transport at that time.
The Ju 290’s giant frame is well shown in this picture by comparing it with the soldiers posing under it and the Matacan control tower
In the summer of 1953 the AGA’s 5th Promotion travelled to Portugal. Noteworthy is this sub-type’s antennae array. Two of these aerials (the D/F loops placed over the cabin) were fitted in Spain, very likely by the Leon MA.
Junkers Ju 290A-5 ‘74-23’ of the ESV.