Air Enthusiast 1999-07
T.Buttler - Something Useful!
Starboard view of VF172 during an air-to-air photo session staged on February 2, 1949.
VF172 giving a good view of the wing shape, large rudder and the arrester hook.
The first prototype photographed in the bitter weather of February 18, 1947, shortly after roll-out.
Fuselage centre structure and engine mounting.
Tailplane construction, viewed from the top.
A similar view showing how neatly the wings folded for storage when aboard carriers.
Starboard undercarriage leg of RT651, September 26,1946.
Fuselage structure detail of what is most likely the third prototype, VF172, during construction on July 18, 1947.
RT651 showing clearly the five-bladed propeller, radiator intakes and the inverted gull wing.
RT651 flying over the River Humber, early in flight testing on April 29,1947.
The centre section flap, before plating.
Detail of the monocoque construction showing Frame 115 to 319A before plating.
Blackburn B.48 (S28/43).