Aeroplane Monthly 1979-04
R.Williams - Ensigns for the Empire (2)
Ensign I - Endymion
Ensign II - Echo of BOAC
Although it bore the Indian registration VT-AJG early in its life, G-ADTA Euryalus soon reverted to all-British markings.
A fine study of G-ADSR in its early days
G-ADSR passes over Purley Way on approach to Croydon Airport,
Everest in camouflage at Bramcote in 1941.
G-AFZV served with Air France as F-AFZV and, as seen here, F-BAHO.
G-ADSY Empyrean after modification to Mark 2 standard.
G-ADTB Echo first flew on August 30, 1939, and survived until March 1947.
G-ADSU Euterpe after overshooting at Bonnington during an emergency landing on December 15, 1939. Note the hastily-applied camouflage.
Several obsolete types were considered as carriers for the anti-magnetic mine degaussing ring. The newly-discovered picture shows a model Ensign so equipped, suspended in Armstrong Whitworth's wind tunnel.
Ensign I - Ettrick of Imperial Airways.