Aeroplane Monthly 1979-05
A Saab J 29 of the F.21 wing, Royal Swedish Air Force
Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard 2B PH-KMA, ex FT176, photographed over Stauning, Denmark, in June 1975 by TORKILD BALSLEV.
Casa 1-131E (Bucker Bu 131) of 781 Esquadron, Spanish Air Force, piloted by Capt Torrente. Photographed on June 14, 1978, by "Canario" Azaola.
A quartet of ski-equipped, Danish-registered Piper Cubs, photographed recently by Torkild Balslev.
Grumman Tigers of the US Navy's celebrated Blue Angels aerobatic team flying past the Mount Rushmore presidential carvings.