Air Enthusiast 2003-11
R.Lezon, R.Stitt - Eyes of the fleet (1)
Vought Corsair O2U-1A 'HP-4' at BN Puerto Belgrano.
Corsair 'R-57', formerly 'HP-1', in flight.
Corsair 'R-59', previously 'HP-3', at Punta Mogotes on January 8, 1933, after striking the roof of a car.
Corsair 'R-60', formerly 'HP-4', crashed at Coronel Dorrego on October 30, 1934, during unauthorised low-level aerobatics.
Fairey Seal 'R-54' at Lago Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche, Provincia de Rio Negro.
Fairey IIIF 'R-53', to the right, with its recently-installed Panther VI engine, and identically-powered Fairey Seal 'R-54' at Lago Nahuel Huapi.
Walrus '2-O-30' on the catapult of ARA 'La Argentina'.
Underside of view of Walrus 'M-O-10' being hoisted, showing its bomb racks and retracted main undercarriage.
Walrus M-O-10 aboard the cruiser ARA 'La Argentina'. The Ransome & Rapier slider-type catapult could launch a Walrus at 57mph.
Walrus '2-O-13' ground-running at BA Comandante Espora.
Pristine Walrus 'M-O-9' at Eastleigh aerodrome prior to delivery to Argentine.
Walrus 'M-O-10' aboard the cruiser ARA 'La Argentina'. The code appears to have been repainted with heavier characters.
Undefined G-20 pictured at Grumman's facility at Farmingsdale, New York.
J2F-5 '2-O-20' in flight. The legend above the code on the cowling reads Marina de Guerra (Argentine Navy).
Grumman G-20s in line-abreast formation, circa 1937-38. From front to back: 'M-O-3', 'M-O-2', 'M-O-4', 'M-O-1', 'M-O-6' and 'M-O-8'.
Grumman G-20 '2-O-6' ready for a catapult launch from the cruiser ARA 'Almirante Brown'.
J2F-5 '2-O-8' and J2F-6s '2-O-17' and '2-O-18' fire up their engines at BA Comandante Espora.
Line-up of Ducks at BA Comandante Espora, including Aviacion Naval's sole J2F-4 '2-O-2' (converted in 1950 to a J2F-5) and J2F-5s '2-O-20', '2-O-18' and '2-O-10'.
Grumman G-15 '3-O-11' of Escuadrilia Aeronaval de Observacion de la Escuadra Aeronaval No.3 after a wheels-up landing at BA Punta Indio on September 15, 1942.
J2F-5 2-O-4 made a wheels-up landing at BA Comandante Espora on February 22, 1949.
Fairey IIIF IIIM 'AP-3' of Argentina's Aviacion Naval undergoing pre-delivery sea trials on the Hamble River, November 1928.
Fairey IIIF's 'AP-1' and 'AP-2' on the Rio Limay, Provincia de Rio Negro, possibly in January 1930.
Fairey IIIF 'AP-2' is hoisted aboard the battleship ARA 'Rivadavia' during trials at Base Naval Puerto Belgrano on October 2, 1929.
Fairey IIIF 'AP-2' neatly stowed aboard ARA 'Rivadavia'.
Fairey IIIF 'R-53'. formerly 'AP-3', following its second accdent, this time at Aerodromo de Campo Sarmiento on October 17, 1931.