Air Enthusiast 2003-11
A.Thomas - Fighter finale
The MLD was the first export customer for the Sea Fury, ordering 22 Mk.50s from Hawker and producing them under license.
No.120 of 860 Squadron spreads its wings for another sortie at Valkenburg during the early 1960s.
Final Dutch Sea Hawk was F-71, at Bitteswell before delivery on January 28, 1951.
Steam streams from the catapult as 860's F-68 begins its take-off run from 'Karel Doorman's' deck.
During the later 1950s 3 Squadron, the test and training unit, conducted trials to introduce the Philco-built AIM-9 Sidewinder 1A infra-red heat-seeking missiles onto the Sea Hawk.
Close-up of the Sidewinder installation.
F-54 of 860 Squadron is marshalled onto catapult for a launch during carrier operations in the late 1950s.
Smoke pours from the port side vent as the Nene engine's cartridge starter is fired before F-56 of 3 Squadron departs on another sortie. The squadron's white nose flash in shown.
Former Royal Navy FGA.6 WV828 painted as '118' on show at the Aviodome. It is now at De Kooy.
During its final year, 860 Squadron formed the 'Sea Lords' aerobatic team with four Sea Hawks. Nos.119, 120, 129 and 131 here performing over Scheveningen in July 1964.
Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6.