Aeroplane Monthly 1979-07
News Spotlight
The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Avro Lancaster, PA474, took to the air again at Coningsby on April 27, 1979 following a year of major structural work to keep it flying.
Экспериментальный вертолет S-69 с соосными несущими винтами
"Regarding land-based helicopters ... for the longer term ... superior performance must be provided for the weapon platform, which suggests developments on the lines of the Bell tilt-rotor XV-15 or the Sikorsky XH-59A (on photo)."
Sikorsky's XH-59A Advancing Blade Concept development helicopter has reached 234'6 m.p.h. at West Palm Beach. This is believed to be a record for a helicopter.
The Edgley Optica three-seat observation aircraft is approaching completion at Cranfield. A 150 h.p. Lycoming drives its ducted fan.
Фюзеляж Eagle большей частью выполнен традиционно - с каркасом из стальных труб, в конструкцию хвостовой части включены внутренние расчалки. На фотографии - Eagle 220.
Deliveries of the Eagle Aircraft Company's Eagle agcraft should begin in October 1979. Built at Boise, Idaho, it is currently powered by a 275 h.p. Jacobs radial.
Hawker Hunter T Mk 8M XL603, flying with the Radar Research Squadron at RAE Bedford, has a Sea Harrier nose for flight trials of the Blue Fox radar system.
Pilot Bryan Allen broke the world's distance and time aloft records for man-powered aeroplanes when he flew Gossamer Albatross 13 miles in Ihr 9min at Harper Dry Lake, California, on April 25, 1979. The aircraft is now at Dover, and an attempt for the £100,000 Kremer cross-channel prize is anticipated as we go to press.
The 2/3 scale Mustang was built by Dick Fisher, a NASA employee, and Charles Van Norman of Edwards AFB. First flown in July 1978, it has a 200 h.p. Ranger 6-440-C5.
Solar Riser is the name of the solar-powered modified Easy Riser hang glider seen here. Designed, built and flown by Larry Mauro of Santa Clara, California, designer of the Easy Riser, the aircraft's wing-mounted 300-cell solar panels power a 3 h.p. General Design electric motor.