Aeroplane Monthly 1979-12
The USAF photo by TOM ROBERTS captures a civil-registered Boeing B-17 during aerial fire-fighting work on behalf of the US Forestry Service. No fewer than 23 B-17s were on the American civil register in 1978, many of which have provided valuable service as water bombers over the past decade.
Hurricanes of 146 Squadron at Dum-Dum, May 1942.
Cessna OE-1 of 407 Escuadrilla de Enlace, Spanish Air Force, photographed over the Guadalquivir River on June 15, 1978.
The picture, taken by a Flight photographer, shows a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer C.C.2 of 21 Squadron, RAF, during supply-dropping exercises at the HQ of the School of Land/Air Warfare, Old Sarum, in July 1950.
ERIC S. FAVELLE’S photograph depicts Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-16 Wirraway A20-653/VH-BFF over Port Phillip Bay, South Victoria, Australia, on December 5, 1976.
The Granger Archaeopteryx of 1930, now flying from Old Warden.
A 1/4-scale radio-controlled model of the Comper Streak.