Aeroplane Monthly 1979-12
Tower Bridge cameos
The Saunders-Roe A.1 G-12-1 being towed to the South Bank for the Festival of Britain on June 17, 1951.
The Sunderland G.R.V. coded A-A, is SZ576, and it is seen moored at Tower Bridge during Battle of Britain week in September 1954. This aircraft took part in the 1953 RAF operation in support of the British North Greenland Expedition.
Short Sunderland V RN270 moored during the 1950 Battle of Britain week.
Short S.45 Solent 3 G-AKNO, City of London, visited the Thames in May 1949 to mark the 30th anniversary of British air transport. G-AKNO was later sold to Trans Oceanic Airways Pty Ltd as VH-TOA, but sank off Malta during delivery in January 1951.
On August 10, 1912, newspaper reporters and photographers lined the Thames to await the arrival of Lt de Conneau, who intended to make the first flight up the Thames to the City of London. However, the Frenchman was delayed at Boulogne with engine trouble, and the honour was left to Francis McClean flying a Short S.33. McClean touched down on the river between Charing Cross and Westminster bridges, having flown through the upper and lower spans of Tower Bridge only because he was unable to climb above the bridge.