Aeroplane Monthly 1979-12
Heston /Gone but not forgotten/ (6)
The changed face of Heston in February 1946, with a Fairey Spearfish at left and Fairey Fireflies awaiting flight testing.
Hawker Hart Is, with K3032 wearing war games camouflage in the foreground, at Heston in January 1936. Harts K2447 and K2458 behind.
The square-cut appearance of the new Martin-Baker multigun fighter is accentuated by the lines of the nose cowl over the Napier Dagger engine. There is an electrically operated ”crash post” which is normally housed within the cockpit enclosure.
The Martin-Baker M.B.2 private venture, single-seat fighter powered by a 1,000 h.p. Napier Dagger III engine, originally allocated the registration G-AEZD, seen at Heston in June 1939.
Misr Airwork’s D.H.86 SU-ABN on the crowded apron.
The start of the Heston-Cardiff air race on September 23, 1935. The race was won by Edgar Percival in a Mew Gull, left, who covered the 121-mile course in 35min at an average speed of 208 m.p.h.
The beautiful Heston Type 5 Racer G-AFOK, designed by A. E. Hagg and G. Cornwall, was built at Heston during 1939-40, but crashed there on its maiden flight on June 12, 1940.
Salient design features of the Racer were the sharply-raked main undercarriage legs, faired tailskid, low canopy and ventral radiator intake.
A view of some of the 70 aircraft that attended the Heston Aerial Garden Party on July 20, 1929, one of the best meetings witnessed up to that time.
The one-off Comper Mouse, G-ACIX, flying at Heston in January 1934.
The Hordern-Richmond Autoplane, G-AEOG, was built at Heston in 1936 by the Heston Aircraft Co Ltd. A three-seater powered by two 40 h.p. Continental A40s, it was scrapped during the war.