Aviation Historian 28
Southampton Mk I S1158/A11-1 is seen here on its back in the Torrens River, Adelaide, after a freak squall on June 22, 1928. FEF second-in-command Sqn Ldr Gerald Livock described it a “a half submerged whale” upon the arrival of the Flight.
Cotton in the rear cockpit of silver-decked original Martinsyde c/n 218.
Sidney Cotton's crash in St John's, Newfoundland, after a downturned skid caused Martinsyde Type A Mk II c/n 215 No 8's nose to dig in. Note the "Aerial Survey Co, Newfoundland" lettering on the cowling.
LEFT The 1/80th-scale half-model of Convair’s Skate 9 attached to the transonic bump in NACA Langley’s high-speed windtunnel - the bump accelerated the airflow to the required speeds. This explains the odd, curved plan-view centreline on the drawing.