Aviation Historian 29
G.White - The world's first..?
Jullerot at the controls of a Bristol-Prier Monoplane, similar to the two-seat example he demonstrated in Germany in early 1912. The fine displays of the aircraft by Howard Pixton and Jullerot led to the formation of the Deutsche Bristol-Werke at Halberstadt that year.
Henri Jullerot sits at the controls of a Bristol Boxkite with Stanley White perching on the wing beside him, on the occasion of a flight from Durdham Down in Bristol in November 1910. Jullerot had joined the company as a test pilot shortly before, and was despatched to India with two Boxkites as a demonstration pilot that December.
Autographed for Stanley White by Jullerot, this photograph shows the latter in the rear seat of a Bristol-Coanda Monoplane at Larkhill in February 1913. Jullerot flew with the French and British air services during the First World War and later became a special director of aviation for Vickers and Supermarine.