Air International 2000-03
P.Duffy - Antonov An-70 /Military aviation/
This view of the second prototype illustrates the simple, classic lines of the An-70.
Detail of the Aerosila SV-27 contra-rotating propellers, each with eight composite blades at the front and six at the rear.
A slow fly-by, with undercarriage and flaps extended. The tailplane leading edge slat can also be clearly seen deployed. This is a necessary feature to retain tailplane effectiveness in the powerful downwash behind the wing when the flaps are deflected.
A snowstorm generated by the four 14,000shp Progress/Motor Sich D-27 propfans as the An-70 begins its take-off run. Note the wing anhedral.
Admittedly lightly loaded, the An-70 demonstrated an impressive rate of climb during its flying display at the 1999 Paris Salon. The propfans generate a very distinctive ‘buzz-saw’ noise, particularly under full power.
Cargo hold, viewed looking aft. The hold has a maximum width of 15ft 9in, height of 13ft 5 1/2in and volume of 15,000ft3
Flight deck showing the six large-screen electronic flight information displays.
Antonov An-70
Progress/Motor Sich D-27 propfan.
Three-view drawing of the Antonov An-70.