Air International 2000-03
These two MH 90 Enforcers (MD 902 Enhanced Explorers) (9041 and 9042) were photographed at Jacksonville International Airport, where they were undergoing tests with the US Coast Guard, operating off the coast of Florida with an unnamed Coast Guard Cutter.
As mentioned in More on the Scooter, VC-8 is the last United States operator of the A-4. There is currently a proposal with OPNAV N88 (Director Air Warfare) to establish a permanent detachment at NAS Key West, with a further ten TA-4s (former VT-7 aircraft) to offer air combat manoeuvring training to the Fleet on a year-round basis. A decision is expected soon, but approval has already been given to continue with the A-4s at 'Roosey Roads' until 2005. This news is an ideal opportunity to include this excellent photograph of three TA-4s of VC-8.
Spectrum Air C-47 ZS-ASN, an electro-magnetic survey aircraft, was photographed in November at Calgary, during a major inspection. It was operating out of Flin Flan, Manatoba, for survey work on behalf of the local mining industry. The Spectrum 2000 conversion of the C-47 is powered by PT6-67 turboprops from Basler Aviation of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The aircraft is also equipped with magnetic anomaly and electro-magnetic detectors.