Air Enthusiast 1997-01
J.Smith - Everything that can be done...
HC-54D 42-72743, one of 34 conversions for SAR work - the type had a short operational career in Vietnam.
UH-2A Seasprite of HC-1 on ‘plane-guard’ duties.
Classic ‘Super Jolly’ country. The winchman assesses the possible LZ while the rear ramp is lowered.
The ‘Super Jolly Green Giant’, the HH-53C ultimate Vietnam rescue helicopter.
A-1 Skyraiders provided the ‘Sandy’ service, arguably one of the most dangerous roles of the war.
HH-3E, dedicated armed rescue variant of the CH-3C, including AAR capability.
HH-43B Huskie, complete with under-slung fire suppression kit. Intended for ‘in the circuit’ rescues, was pressed into service for long-ranging SAR missions.
HC-130s provided a combination of command and control and the ability to ‘suckle’ HH-3s and HH-53s.