Air Enthusiast 1997-03
B.Elliot - Bears in the Air
In 1948 the NYPD acquired a single Bell 47D. This machine was so successful that in June 1950 it was traded in and the first three (illustrated) of six more similar helicopters were bought.
Grumman G.21 Goose NC1200V of the NYPD; a former Royal Navy machine, used from April 1947 to November 1955.
Stinson SR-10K floatplane NC21147, with the NYPD from July 1939 to March 1945.
Vultee BT-13 of the Oakland Police Air Patrol, Hayward, California, August 1946.
The Curtiss flying-boat ‘Edith’ on Miami Beach, 1914.
Martin TT of the SFPD Aerial Patrol, circa 1916. The side of the cockpit is marked ‘Gates-Purcell Aircraft Co’ and ‘SFPD Aerial Patrol Plane No 1’. One of 22 TTs produced by Martin against a military order fulfilled in 1914-1917, it might have been the one assigned to the Martin flying school.
Loening amphibian N370N was used by the NYPD from October 1929 to the spring of 1938.