Air International 2021-03
B.Taghvaee - Persian cats of war
Boeing 707-3J9C tanker aircraft are a vital part of F-14A CAP missions. The IRIAF now has two airworthy tankers, the other is a KC-747 (Boeing 747-131F). Both serve the 1st TTB at Mehrabad
The unmistakable lines of the Tomcat. With the US Navy jets long retired, the Iranian F-14As are the only ones now flying and fulfil an important CAP role for the IIAF. This example, 3-6077 (US Navy Bureau Number 160375), taxies after returning from a Military Day parade rehearsal on April 16, 2012
Three F-14As of 81 st TFS, serialled 3-6001, 3-6067 and 3-6071, during Iran’s Military Day parade on April 18, 2014
Five F-14A Tomcats lined up on ramp no 6 of the 1st Tactical Base at Mehrabad in preparation for a rehearsal for Iran's Military Day on April 17, 2012. They would not normally be based there
An AIM-54A Phoenix anti-shipping missile under the fuselage of a F-14A Tomcat during an exhibition in Isfahan during February 2014
УР воздух-воздух «Факур-90»
The indigenous AIM-23B Fakkour-90 semi-active radar guided air-to-air missile during its unveiling ceremony on July 23, 2018
Two F-14A Tomcats taxi out at Mehrabad Airport in April 2012. The pair were operated by a third Tomcat squadron, the 6th TFB, which was disbanded in 2007. One of the unit's last jets, 3-6030, can still be seen here with 6th TFB insignia on its vertical stabiliser
The unpredictable Kish Airshow in Iran saw Tomcats 3-6029 and 3-6052 visit the biennial event on November 28, 2018
F-14A 3-6003 (BuNo 160301) with the 8th TFB on February 8, 2011, was later lost due to hydraulic system failure on May 13, 2019. Both crew members safely ejected
3-6054 (BuNo 160352) armed with AIM-9Js and AIM-7Es taxiing after landing at the 8th TFB during the exercise 'Devotees of Velayat’s Territory-8’ on January 10, 2019
This specially marked Tomcat, 3-6045, was seen at the Dezful airshow in 2016.
A former 62nd TFS F-14A 3-6058 (BuNo 160356) takes fuel via a Beech 1080 Pod aerial refuelling system
Tomcat 3-6066 departs for a post-overhaul functional check flight at Mehrabad air base on July 23, 2019
On alert! One of three F-14As in the 8th TFB QRA facility armed with a pair of AIM-9Js and a pair of AIM-7Es on February 3, 2020
This RC-130H SIGINT Hercules (5-8554) is one of two serving the IRIAF. This aircraft together with an ELINT Boeing 707-3J9C keeps F-14A pilots updated with their situational awareness needs during CAP missions over northwest Iran