Air International 2021-04
R.Niccoli - A breed apart
The first F-2000A Typhoon departs Istrana - 51-01 is the flagship of the wing and sports a larger wing badge on its tail. The squadron flies the F2000A in air-to-air and air-to-ground training missions.
The Task Group 'Black Cats' celebrates 6,000 flight hours in theatre at Al Jaber air base, Kuwait, on March 15, 2019
The flight line used by the AMX at Istrana for daily operations. The retirement of the fleet is planned for later this year, although rumours suggest some aircraft could be maintained in flying condition to participate in the Italian Air Force 100th anniversary celebrations in 2023
An AMX of 132° Gruppo equipped with a Litening III targeting pod returns to a hot Istrana air base
Two AMX pilots post-flight. With the impending retirement of the type, many flyers from the AMX fleet have already converted to the Typhoon or the Lightning, and been assigned to various squadrons