Air International 2021-06
I.Salinger - Serbian fires
Before the MI-35M was introduced in 2020, the light Gazelle Gama helicopter was the only dedicated anti-armour helicopter within the Yugoslav and Serbian Air Force. They were armed with up to four 9M14M Malyutka (AT-3 Sagger] wire-guided armour-piercing missiles. Two Gamas of 714th Squadron ‘Shadows’ fired four missiles, hitting targets from a range of 3km
A pair of Mi-35Ms from the 98th Aviation Brigade’s 714th Squadron ‘Shadows’ strafed targets with their S-8 80mm unguided rockets and chin-mounted GS-23 23mm cannons
Two Airbus H145Ms, YU-MED and YU-SAR inserted some of the forces by the fast roping method and performed rather effective and aggressive pull-ups
MUP and Serbian Air Force’s recently introduced Airbus Helicopters H145Ms dominated the airspace over the Oresac range during the first part of Response 2021