Air Enthusiast 2001-01
A.Pelletier - French 'Jugs'
A flatbed truck moving a ‘Razorback’ Thunderbolt to Casablanca airfield.
In April 1944, the first P-47Ds allocated to the Armee de l'Air were shipped to Casablanca, French Morocco.
Close-up of the cockpit area of P-47 belonging to 2nd Escadrille of GC 2/3 ‘Dauphine’ the insignia of which was a greyhound (SPA 81).
Two Republic F-84F Thunderstreaks of 4th Escadre de Chasse escort P-47D 44-33401 of EC 2/20 'Ouarsenis'. This aircraft was withdrawn from use on September 14, 1960.
P-47D 420355 was eventually operated by GC 2/5, and CERAA after the war. It was wrecked at Rostingen on March 30, 1946 and repaired.
P-47D 489793 '20-QG' of EC 2/20 'Ouarsenis', Boufarik, Algeria, 1960.
P-47D 49002 of EC 2/20 Ouarsenis at Boufarik, 1960.
Aircraft of EC 2/20 Ouarsenis on Boufarik tarmac, in 1960. Within weeks, or perhaps even days, they will be grounded and replaced by the more potent Skyraiders.
The sole surviving French 'T-Bolt', 420371 on display at the Musee de l'Air, at Le Bourget.
Above: 'Quebec-Tango' of EC 2/20 'Ouarsenis' flying at full throttle over Algeria. This aircraft was withdrawn from use on September 7, 1960.
Perfect formation flying by five aircraft belonging to EC 2/20 'Ouarsenis'.
433434 of GC 3/6 'Roussillon', 1946.
P-47D 44-19699 of 10th Escadre de Chasse at Villacoublay, in May 1952. This aircraft had been previously operated by GC1/5.
Close-up on P-47D 44-20942 belonging to GC 3/6 'Roussillon'. This aircraft was eventually flown by GC 1/5 and wrecked at Sebdra, near Oran, on May 28, 1946.
'3U-A' being painted on the fuselage of 44-20037 shortly after being assigned to GC 1/4. Previously operated with GC 3/6, it survived the war and was operated in Algeria by EC 2/20. In August 1960 it was transferred to the Mechanics School at Cap Matifou.
'Quebec-Mike' taxying on a PSP runway in North Africa and armed with two napalm bombs. This aircraft had been delivered to the AdA on May 4, 1945 and was surveyed 35 years later, on September 14, 1960.
After the war this P-47D was flown by the Fighter Training Centre (CIC) at Meknes. The reason for its name ‘Cartaphilus II' remains unknown.
P-47D 44-33390 of GC 2/5 'La Fayette' sporting the famous Sioux head insignia and 89 bombing mission symbols.
P-47D 44-33663 of GC 3/6 'Roussillon', 1946. This aircraft was written off by accident on January 28, 1956.
P-47D 44-20009 of GC 2/5 'La Fayette' ('SA-'). This aircraft was delivered to the AdA on March 26, 1945, and eventually went to GC 1/2. It was destroyed by accident at Niedermendig on May 12, 1945.
Ex-USAAF aircraft were transferred to French units in order to hasten deliveries. Two, still wearing US markings, being serviced by French mechanics.
The P-47D 42-26157 belonging to GC 2/3 'Dauphine'. Code letters for this unit were '13-'. After the war, this aircraft was destroyed in an accident in North Africa on November 29, 1945.
P-47D 44-20946 belonging to GC 3/6 'Roussillon'. It was eventually transferred to GC 2/4 and wrecked in an accident at Friedrichshafen on March 28, 1949.
P-47 44-20048 belonging to EMCE 3/10 whose insignia represented a Musketeer. This unit was stationed at Dijon along with the Dassault Ouragans of the 2nd Escadre de Chasse, at right.
P-47D 44-20938 of GC 11/3 ‘Dauphine’, 2nd Escadrille, flying over the Coblence area in September 1945. It wears the greyhound insignia (SPA 81) and is coded 'I3-Y'.
P-47D 44-33389 of GC 1/5 'Champagne', coded 'C9-B'. It was eventually operated by GC 3/10 and then by EC 1/20.
P-47D 'B-80' of GC 3/6 'Roussillon' taking off for a close support mission.
Close-up of 'Navarre's commander's aircraft, P-47D 44-89788 '3U-A'. The insignia combines both escadrille insignias (SPA 95 and SPA 153).