Air Enthusiast 2001-01
T.Buttler - Upwardly Mobile
The prototype VAK-191B is displayed at the Deutsches Museum's Flugwerft Schleissheim, near Munich. V2 is at the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung in Koblenz.
The Rolls-Royce/MTU RB193-12 cruise engine. Its intake diameter was 33.3in (84.5cm), overall length 101.4in (257.6cm), basic weight 1,742lb (790kg) and installed weight 2,315lb (1,050kg).
From certain angles the VAK-191B was a not unattractive aeroplane. V2 D-9564, minus nose probe
The three VAK-191Bs, V1 D-9563 closest, V2 D-9564 middle and V3 D-9565, lined up at Bremen on April 11, 1972. Note the different arrangements of the lift engine intakes; D-9565 has the ingestion guards used for early engine running.
An RB193 on the test-bed at Rolls-Royce Derby.
Side-view of a Luftwaffe-schemed VAK-191B mock-up showing the gap between the two lift engines.
The prototype VFW-Fokker VAK-191B.
Three-view showing how the two-seater VAK-191 would have looked.
Focke-Wulf FW 1262.