Aeroplane Monthly 1980-01
Luftwaffe in Camera
Этот Ju 87В сфотографирован во время налета на Севастополь в июне 1942 года.
A Ju 87 flown by Maj Helmut Bode, Commander of the III.Gruppe, leading an attack on Sevastopol in the Crimea in June 1942.
Ju 87Bs of 1 Gruppe taxiing out at Neudorf on the first day of the war, September 1, 1939, to attack Polish positions.
Aircraft of III.Gruppe, each loaded with one 250kg bomb under the fuselage and four 50kg during the campaign in Greece in April 1941.
This photograph by Oberleutnant Otto Schmidt of III.Gruppe was taken at the moment of bomb release during an attack on one of the forts at Sevastopol in June 1942. The aircraft is diving almost vertically, and the bombs from an earlier aircraft can be seen exploding at one end of the fort.
This Junkers G-38 transport was operated by KGr zbV 172 and was later destroyed on the ground during an RAF attack on Athens/Tatoi aerodrome on May 17, 1941.