Air Enthusiast 1999-03
F.Mormillo - Call for Fire Attack!
Catalina N322FA on a sortie over Long Beach.
PBY-5A Catalina N322FA over Long Beach Harbour.
John Wells' PBY-6 Catalina at anchor in Long Beach Harbour.
John Wells taking off from Long Beach Harbour in his earlier PBY-5A Catalina which was subsequently lost in a crash.
The Mars in Long Beach Harbour.
Hawaii Mars under power in Long Beach Harbour.
The picket boat gives scale to 'Hawaii Mars'
FIFT’s Martin JRM-3 ‘Hawaii Mars’ over Long Beach Harbour, California.
Early advertisement featuring the prototype Mars. Martin had high hopes that its mammoth would find a good market with the postwar airlines.
The Mars in Long Beach Harbour.
The huge dump doors in the side of ‘Hawaii Mars’.
John Wells (left) and Tom Irving at Long Beach for the Mars capability demonstration.
“The only thing unique about the Mars is its size”. Looking down on the cockpit from the 200ft span wing.
The flight deck of 'Hawaii Mars', including modern radio fits and controls for scooping, mixing and dumping.