Air Enthusiast 1999-03
R.Neto - 'Ugly Ducklings' and the 'Forgotten Division' (1)
Piper L-4H Grasshopper ‘5’ of the la Esquadrilha de Ligacao e Observacao (1st Brazilian Liaison Squadron). Note whip aerial. Scrapview shows USAAF star-n-bar under the starboard wing.
L-4Hs of the 1 ELO flying over Bergamo, in July 1945. The aircraft were being ferried to be handed over to the Americans who were to ship them to Brazil.
Assembling an L-4H for the 1 ELO at San Rossore, near Pisa, October 1944.
Joe Clapp, with his L-4H No.9, ‘Lilly’.
A Brazilian Air Force pilot and Army observer aboard on the L-4Hs of the 1 ELO.
An L-4H of the 1 ELO taking off from San Rossore in October 1944. It still carries US insignia on the fuselage.
Running repairs, San Rossore, near Pisa, October 1944.