Jane's All the World Aircraft 2000
Kamov Ka-32A utility helicopter (Klimov TV3-117VMA turboshafts) (1998)
Kamov Ka-32A1 emergency helicopter of Moscow fire service (1999)
Kamov Ka-32A2 in camouflage markings of Moscow Militia (1998)
Kamov twin coaxial rotor system on Ka-32, with blades folded (1996)
Flight deck of Kamov Ka-32 utility helicopter (1995)
Kamov Ka-32T (`Helix-C') utility helicopter (two Klimov TV3-117V turboshafts) (1985)
Winch-equipped Mil Mi-8T `Hip-C' military transport helicopter (1998)
Mil Mi-8T civil utility transport (1998)
LPG/kerosene-powered Mi-8TG demonstrator (1999)
Mil Mi-8TV (`Hip-C') twin-turbine military helicopter, with additional side view (bottom) of original Mi-8S commercial version (1975)
Mil Mi-24V `Hind-E' of the Czech Air Force with Ispanka on `Wendy House' (1999)
Hind 57, an Mi-24VP `Hind-E' flown by the Berkuty demonstration team of Russian Army aviation (1999)
Twin-barrel 23 mm turret of the Mi-24VP (1998)
Weapon options for the export Mi-35 variants, as offered by Rostvertol (1999)
Mil Mi-35P, export version of the cannon-armed Mi-24P (1997)
Mockup of potential Mi-24 upgrade offered by Rostvertol, retaining original dynamic systems, but adding FLIR turret and with armament including 9M114 (AT-6) ATMs (1999)
Mil Mi-24P gunship, known to NATO as `Hind-F' (1990)
Weapon options for the export Mi-35 variants, as offered by Rostvertol (1999)
Mil Mi-26 in Russian military markings (1999)
Side-mounted Mi-26TM crane operator's position (1998)
Mil Mi-26T civil transport on lease to Cyprus-based Nutshell Helicopters (1998)
Belly-mounted crane-operator's position on the Mi-26TM (1998)
Mil Mi-26 four-crew instrument panels (1998)
Instrument panel of the proposed two-crew Mi-26 (1998)
Mil Mi-26 multipurpose heavy-lift helicopter (1981)
Mil Mi-26 hold dimensions (1999)
The Eurocopter EC 155 prototype in the colours of first civil customer, Helicopter Services Group (1999)
Eurocopter AS 365N3 Dauphin operated with appropriate Belgian registration by Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen for transporting harbour pilots (1999)
Trials Dauphin 2 of the CEV employed on Trigat proving (1999)
French Navy Eurocopter AS 565F utility helicopter (1999)
AS 365N2/N3 Dauphin optional instrument panel: EFIS 50, RDR 2000 weather radar and AlliedSignal avionics (1998)
Eurocopter EC 155B (1998)
Eurocopter AS 565AA Panther with side views (centre) of AS 366 HH-65A Dolphin and (top) AS 365N2 Dauphin 2 (1985)
GKN Westland Lynx AH. Mk 9 operated by the Army Air Corps (1999)
GKN Westland Battlefield Lynx for export, equivalent to the British Army's Lynx AH. Mk 9 (1990)
Bell 206B JetRanger operated by an Austrian air charter company (1999)
Bell 206L LongRanger general purpose helicopter (1999)
Bell 206B-3 JetRanger five-seat helicopter (1997)
Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV general purpose light helicopter (1997)
Bell 212 supporting the oil industry with Petroleum Air Services (1997)
NH 90 prototype during test flying (1998)
Second NH 90, in naval-style light grey (1998)
Five-screen EFIS of NH 90 NFH (1995)
NH 90 avionics. Core system above broken line is identical for both versions (1995)
NH Industries NH 90 NFH, with additional side view (upper) of TTH (1994)
Prototype Sikorsky S-92 Helibus (1999)
Interior of the military S-92 mockup (1999)
Military S-92 mockup folded for transport (1999)
Artist's impression of an S-92 in the combat SAR role, with refuelling probe and exhaust diffusers (1999)
Sikorsky S-92 medium-lift helicopter (1999)
Kaman SH-2G maritime helicopter in Egyptian markings (1998)
Mitsubishi (Sikorsky) UH-60J rescue helicopter in JASDF markings (1999)
Sikorsky Fire Hawk demonstrates firefighting capability (1999)
First of 15 Sikorsky S-70A-50s delivered to Israel in 1998 (1999)
Trials YCH-60S carrying underslung load (1999)
VIP-configured Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk of Royal Malaysian Air Force (1998)
Sikorsky HH-60J Jayhawk rescue and law enforcement helicopter of the US Coast Guard (1998)
Standard Sikorsky S-70A instrument panel (international version) 1: radar altimeter, 2: barometric altimeter, 3: vertical speed indicator, 4: master warning panel, 5: vertical situation indicator (VSI), 6: horizontal situation indicator (HSI), 7: airspeed indicator (ASI), 8: stabilator position indicator, 9: command instrument system (CIS) mode select panel, 10: HSI/VSI mode select panel, 11: vertical instrument display system (VIDS) pilot display unit, 12: clock, 13: anti-ice system controls, 14: VIDS central display unit, 15: engine ignition switch, 16: caution advisory panel (1996)
A `glass cockpit' and digital avionics are now available on the S-70 Black Hawk (1997)
Normal and optional seating for minimally armed or unarmed troops in the UH-60 (1996)
Modifications and internal configuration of the UH-60Q (1997)
Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk combat assault helicopter, with additional lower side view and lower front view of MH-60K special operations variant (1995)
Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk twin-turbine ASW/ASST helicopter, with additional side views of HH-60H (centre) and HH-60J Jayhawk (bottom) (1995)
Prototype Mil Mi-28N, fitted with revised shape of mast radar (1999)
Second prototype Mil Mi-28A combat helicopter (1999)
Close-up of Mi-28N rotor head with original style of radar housing (1997)
Front (weapon system operator's) cockpit of Mi-28N (1996)
Rear (pilot's) cockpit of Mi-28A (1995)
Mil Mi-28N combat helicopter (two Klimov TV3-117VK turboshafts) (1996)
Mil Mi-14PL ASW helicopter (`Haze-A') (1990)
Flotation bag-equipped Agusta A 109K2 of the Dubai Police (1999)
Third production Agusta A 109 Power conducting demonstrations in the USA (1999)
Dubai Police A 109K2 instruments (1996)
Instrument panel of A 109E Power (1996)
Internal details of the Agusta A 109KM (1996)
Alternative A 109E Power seating arrangements for six (top) and four passengers (1997)
Medical evacuation A 109E Power; secondary stretcher can replace starboard pair of attendants' seats (1997)
Agusta A 109K2 civil rescue and utility helicopter (two Turbomeca Arriel 1K1 turboshafts) (1993)
Latest known (339th HAL-produced) Chetak, operated by the Indian Navy (1999)
Mil Mi-8AMT operated in the gasfield support role by Gazpromavia (1998)
Mi-8AMT(Sh) demonstrator RA-25755 (c/n 11121) (1999)
Mil Mi-17MT `Hip-H' in Russian Federation military service (1999)
The unique Mi-17LL `flying laboratory' assigned to the Gromov Flight Research Institute at Zhukovsky (1999)
Mil Mi-8AMT(Sh) combat helicopter - the latest Mi-17 variant (1997)
Royal Air Force Chinook HC. Mk 2 fitted with the most recent standard of defensive aids (1999)
EFIS cockpit of the Royal Netherlands Air Force CH-47D (1997)
US Army CH-47D Chinook instrument panel (1996)
Boeing CH-47D military transport helicopter with additional side view (lower) of MH-47E special forces' variant (1997)
Elements of the Chinook ICH programme 1: Remanufactured airframe, 2: Improved avionics, 3: Airframe tuning, 4: T55-L-714A turboshaft engines, 5: Improved internal cargo handling, 6: Air transportability kit, 7: Elastomeric rotor hub (1999)
South African Air Force Oryx medium transport helicopter (1997)
Oryx instrument panel (1996)
Atlas Oryx hybrid Puma/Super Puma derivative (1997)
Eurocopter Tiger prototype PT4 in HAP configuration with cannon, rockets and Mistral SAMs (1999)
Third Tiger prototype (9823), the German UHT testbed (1998)
Приборное оборудование кабин пилота (слева) и стрелка вертолета "Тигр"
Tiger pilots occupy the front cockpit (left), the gunner located behind (1997)
Eurocopter Tigre HAP escort and fire support helicopter (1997)
Kawasaki (MDH) OH-6D light helicopter of the JMSDF (1998)
EDM Rooivalk with underwing Mokopa ATMs (1998)
Rooivalk firing HOT 3 ATMs (1998)
Trials of 68 mm rockets fired from Rooivalk (1998)
First production AH-2A Rooivalk armed with eight Mokopa ATMs, two 68 mm rocket pods and four Mistral IR air-to-air missiles (1999)
Rear (pilot's) cockpit of the Rooivalk EDM prototype (1997)
Model of projected naval version of the Rooivalk (1999)
Denel Aviation Rooivalk combat support helicopter (1997)
Schweizer 300C-1 light utility helicopter, wearing rotor mast cover (1999)
PZL Swidnik W-3AM of South Korean operator CitiAir (1999)
PZL Swidnik W-3A, one of 11 for the Czech Air Force (1998)
Rotor head and propulsion package of the W-3A (1997)
Polish Army W-3W armed version of the Sokol with smoke generator (1999)
Instrument panel of Czech Air Force W-3A Sokol (1997)
PZL Swidnik W-3A Sokol twin-turboshaft helicopter (1993)
Mil Mi-14P civil passenger helicopter (1999) Ми-14П
Instrument panels on the Mil Mi-14P flight deck (1998)
Mil Mi-17PP combat support helicopter of the Hungarian Air Force (1999)
At least two `Hook-C' command posts are flown by the Uzbekistan air arm (1997)
Spanish Army AS 532UL Cougars were delivered from 1998 onwards (1999)
AS 532SC Cougar naval variant of the Royal Saudi Navy equipped with Exocet missiles (1997)
Eurocopter AS 532UL Cougar of the Turkish Army (1998)
Eurocopter AS 532UB/AB Cougar 100 economy utility helicopter with fixed landing gear (1997)
Combat SAR equipped Cougar Mk II displaying 7.62 mm machine gun in doorway; 20 mm cannon pod and rocket launcher (nineteen 2.75 in rockets); telescopic air-to-air refuelling probe and chin FLIR (1998)
Eurocopter AS 532U2 Cougar (1999)
First of three AS 532U2s for Luftwaffe's 3 Staffel/Flugbereitschaft at Berlin-Tegel (1998)
Turbomeca Makila turboshafts power the Eurocopter AS 532 Cougar (1998)
IPTN NAS-332L1 Super Puma of the Indonesian Air Force (1998)
Super Puma civilian executive seating (1998)
Cougar Mk II military (29-seat) interior (1998)
Flight deck of Netherlands Cougar Mk II (1998)
Reduced capacity `comfort' seating in the Super Puma for 17 passengers (AS 332C, top) or 20 passengers (AS 332L, bottom) (1996)
Eurocopter AS 532UL Cougar (long-fuselage military Mk I unarmed utility) (1993)
Eurocopter AS 332/532 airframe components; dark items are composites materials (1996)
Eurocopter AS 332L2 Super Puma Mk II with Spheriflex main and tail rotor heads (1991)
ALH civil prototype at Indian Air Show in December 1998 (1999)
Fourth ALH prototype in Indian Navy configuration with tricycle landing gear (1997)
PT-A, the air force/army ALH prototype, equipped with an undernose Lockheed Martin three-barrel 20 mm gun turret, Nag anti-tank missiles and air-to-ground rockets (1998)
ALH instrument panel (1998)
Naval version of the HAL Advanced Light Helicopter, with additional side view (centre) of air force/army variant (1993)
ALH weapon options (1998)
GKN Westland Lynx HMA. Mk 8, with Sea Owl thermal imager and chin radome, carrying a Sea Skua missile (1998)
GKN Westland Super Lynx Mk 21A of the Brazilian Navy (1998)
Six-screen EFIS of the Super Lynx Series 300 (1998)
GKN Westland Lynx HMA. Mk 8, based on the Super Lynx advanced export version (1987)
HAMC Z-9B Haitun twin-turbine light helicopter (1997)
Camouflaged Z-9G Haitun equipped with two seven-round rocket pods and roof-mounted sight (1999)
Eurocopter AS 350B3 demonstrator (1999)
Eurocopter AS 350BB Squirrel HT. Mk 2 in service with the Army Air Corps (1999)
Helibras-assembled AS 350B Esquilo (1998)
Instrument panel of the IFR-equipped Squirrel HT. Mk 2 (1999)
Eurocopter AS 555AN Fennec twin-turbine armed helicopter with side view (top) of single-engined AS 350BA Ecureuil and scrap view (bottom) of AS 355N civil twin (1985)
Eurocopter BO 105 rotor head (1997)
Eurocopter BO 105 LSA-3 Super Lifter in the foothills of the 5,452 m (17,887 ft) Mount Popocatepetl, Mexico (1998)
EC Super Five operated by the German Interior Ministry's air rescue service (1999)
IPTN-built NBO-105 CB, operated with searchlight and stabilised sensor turret by the Indonesian police (1999)
Eurocopter EC Super Five light utility helicopter (1996)
Sikorsky S-76C+ twin-turbine helicopter of HelikopterService AB, Sweden (1999)
Sikorsky S-76C+ commercial transport helicopter (1997)
Eurocopter EC 135T1 (Turbomeca Arrius 2B turboshafts) (1999)
Mockup of the Eurocopter EC 635 military helicopter (1999)
Eurocopter EC 135 seven-seat, twin-engined helicopter (1996)
Second prototype Agusta A 119 Koala light helicopter (1998)
Rotor head of the Agusta A 119 Koala (1995)
Agusta A 119 Koala (one P&WC PT6B turboshaft) (1996)
First flying prototype of the SW-4 four/five-seat light helicopter (1999)
SW-4 instrument panel (1999)
PZL Swidnik SW-4 (Allison 250-C20R/2 turboshaft) (1994)
Prototype Bell 427 twin-turbine utility helicopter (1999)
Bell’s new Model 427 was officially awarded FAA certification at Heli-Expo on January 24, 2000 - the first two production examples being handed over to customers immediately after.
Bell 427 instrument panel (1997)
Provisional general arrangement of Bell 427 (1999)
Опытный вертолет фирмы Пясецкий (модель)
Model of AH-1W(4BW) VTCAD with PiAC vectored thrust ducted propeller and lifting wings (1996)
Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion heavy-lift helicopter of the US Marine Corps (1997)
MH-53E of HM-14 deploys its side-scanning sonar device (1995)
Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion, with additional lower side view and lower front view of MH-53E Sea Dragon (1995)
MD 600N light helicopter (one Allison 250 turboshaft) (1998)
MD 600N demonstrating deployment of emergency floats (1998)
MD 530MG Defender equipped with TOW missile tubes and nose-mounted Hughes M65 sight (1995)
MD 520N NOTAR helicopter of Hernando County, Florida, Sheriff's Department, with Bambi firefighting bucket (1998)
MD 600N eight-seat NOTAR helicopter (1999)
MD 530MG Defender, with seven-tube rocket launcher and FN Herstal gun pod (1993)
MD 520N five-seat NOTAR helicopter (1992)
Intora Firebird single-seat helicopter starting rotor (1999)
Enstrom 280FX Shark (Textron Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD engine) (1999)
Kazan's `Hip' demonstrator RA-70937 in its 1997 guise as an Mi-17MD/Mi-8MTV-5 with flight deck armour and spine IR jammer (1998)
Rear-loading ramp of Kazan/Mil Mi-17MD (1997)
Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk LAMPS Mk III helicopter (1997)
One of four S-70C-6 Super Blue Hawks delivered to Taiwan in 1998 (1999)
First Thai Navy Sikorsky S-70B-7 (1997)
Sikorsky SH-60B rotor head (1996)
Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk twin-turbine ASW/ASST helicopter, with additional side views of HH-60H (centre) and HH-60J Jayhawk (bottom) (1995)
Schweizer 330SP turbine-powered helicopter (1999)
Schweizer 330SP three/four-seat light helicopter (1999)
Eurocopter AS 355N of the Irish police (Garda Siochana) (1998)
French Air Force AS 355F1 communications helicopter of ETE 43 at Bordeaux (1999)
Instrument panel of a naval AS 555MN/SN Fennec (1997)
Eurocopter AS 555AN Fennec twin-turbine armed helicopter with side view (top) of single-engined AS 350BA Ecureuil and scrap view (bottom) of AS 355N civil twin (1985)
First Mi-24VM upgraded Hind, converted from an Mi-24VP (1999)
Mil Mi-35M rotor head (1995)
Model of proposed Mi-35M export version of the proposed Mi-24M upgrade, with Mi-28 rotors and IR suppressors (1999)
Weapon options for the export Mi-35 variants, as offered by Rostvertol (1999)
Agusta-Bell 412SP of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (1999)
Bell 412EP Griffin HT. Mk 1 of No. 60 (Reserve) Squadron, RAF (1999)
Bell 412EP Sentinel prior to delivery to the Ecuadorean Navy (1999)
Trial installation of Creso system on an Italian Army Agusta-Bell 412 (1996)
Bell 412 rotor head (1996)
Instrument panel of an Agusta-Bell 412 (1996)
Agusta-Bell 412 Griffon military helicopter (1999)
Bell 412EP twin-turboshaft utility helicopter (1994)
Structural details of the Bell 412 (1996)
Boeing artist's impression of a potential Dragonfly configuration (1999)
Prototype ATLAS, acquired by Intora after trials in Switzerland (1999)
Prototype Load Ranger 2000 (1998)
Load Ranger 2000 utility helicopter (1999)