Air Enthusiast 1999-11
D.Watkins - RAF Flying Training and the Vampire
Vampire FB.5s of 208 AFS, Merry field, October 14,1953. Left to right: VV688 ‘58’, VV555 ‘70’, VV556 ‘72’ and VZ224 ‘42’.
Four Vampire FB.9s of RAFC, Cranwell in 1956. Left to right: WX226 ‘9’, WX204 ‘5’, WR242 ‘21’, WR247 ‘14’. Photograph by kind permission of the AOC and Commandant, RAFC Cranwell.
Mixed formation of Vampire FB.5s and T.11s led by unit QFI S/L Pete Eddleston, over Lincoln Cathedral, October 10, 1955. The photograph subsequently appeared on that year’s Christmas card and Wing’s Parade programme. Left to right: T.11 WZ503 ‘21’, FB.5 WA250 ‘61’, FB.5 WA279 ‘52’ and T.11 XE977 ‘25’.
No.25 Group formation comprising Vampire FB.5s of 206 AFS Valley and 208 AFS Merryfield, with Vampire T.11 WZ561 ‘55-0’ during the practice flypast for the RAF Review at Odiham, July 1953.
Vampire FB.5s VZ126 ‘HX-A ’ and VV667 ‘HX-H’ of 226 OCU Stradishall, 1950.
Vampire FB.5s of 102 FRS, North Luffenham, August 1951, including WA344, WA413 and WA416.
Students of the first Provost/Vampire course to graduate from 8 FTS, Swinderby 101 Course gather around Vampire FB.5, VZ349 ‘57’, February 1956.
Vampire FB.5s VV452 ‘RS-G’ and VZ124 ‘RS-D’ of 229 OCU, Chivenor, in 1953.
Vampire F.1 TG442 ‘FMI-H’ of 203 AFS, Driffield, November 1949.
T.11 of 238 OCU, North Luffenham, under maintenance, 1957-1958. Note the Boulton Paul Balliol behind.
Disbandment flypast of Vampire T.11s from the Vampire Flight, 3 FTS, Leeming, January 29, 1967, led by Jet Provost T.4 XP581 ‘43’ flown by AOC 23 Group, AVM Michael Lyne
Typifying the RAF’s Provost/Vampire flying training sequence, Vampire T.11 XD520 of 5 FTS, Oakington, and Provost T.1 WV429 of 6 FTS, Ternhill.
Early standard Vampire T.11 WZ551 - note the framing on the canopy
Vampire T.11, WZ571 ‘52’ of 1 FTS, Linton-on-Ouse, June, 1960. The aircraft was part of the unit’s acrobatic team, ‘The Linton Blacks’ and was at Cranfield for a display.
Formation break by four Christchurch-built Vampire T.11s of 5 FTS, Oakington, June 9, 1954. Top to bottom: XD396, XD462, XD387, XD451. The unit had been renumbered from 206 AFS on June 1, 1954.
Formation of Vampire T.11s of CFS (A), Little Rissington. Left to right: XD538 ‘MN’, XD603 ‘KN’, XE831 ‘UN’ and WZ551 ‘JN'.
Unit QFI, F/L Bob Newall, briefs officer cadets of 1 Squadron, RAFC Cranwell, before a formation sortie during 1960.
The Vampire Trainer (later T.11) was initiated by de Havilland as a private venture. The prototype, G-5-7, first flew at Christchurch on November 15, 1950.
The T.11 had a long and varied life with the RAF. The last user was the Central Air Traffic Controller School at Shawbury. Illustrated is the line-up for the retirement of the type, November 16, 1970.
De Havilland DH.115 Vampire T.11 WZ553, 4 Flying Training School (renumbered from 7 FTS August 1960), Valley, North Wales, mid-1961.
De Havilland DH.115 Vampire T.11.