Air Enthusiast 2000-03
S.McKay - Before there were Moths (2)
A FRISKY FOUR-YEAR-OLD: Our photograph shows the famous L. and P. looper on which Mr. Smiles set up a series of looping records at Hendon in 1916. The machine has been overhauled, and is now as good as ever
L&P Biplane G-EAQW was registered in February 1920 to R A Whitehead. It is believed to be the same aircraft as used for parachute trials at Hendon, in which case it was built at Hendon in 1916. Note the footwells in the fuselage side.
A young lady, overseen by perhaps her mother, ready for a flight in an L&P Biplane. Note the crude structure and compare this with the initial machine illustrated in AE85. It is likely the fuselage had previously been white-washed for advertising purposes.
An 80hp Anzani L&P Biplane.
An L&P Biplane taxies out at Stag Lane during one of the famous joyriding sessions organised on April 24, 1919. Note the cattle grazing in the background.
General arrangement of a Hendon-designed L&P Biplane with an 80hp Anzani. It also has two independent cockpits, rather than the 'bath tub' configuration of later models which caused the centre fuselage to flex.