Air Enthusiast 2000-03
D.Taylor - Trial and Error
Remnants of the 'skyshout' Dakota which was hurriedly cleared from Kuala Lumpur's only runway after having disgraced itself.
Sycamores of 110 Squadron at RAAF Butterworth, 1960.
Bristol Sycamore HR.12 XL824 of 194 Squadron on a joint training exercise with 155 Squadron at Dusan Tua.
No.110 Squadron Whirlwind HAR.4 XJ414 high over Malaya.
The Author - the moustache did not last long, it made him look old!
Tail rotor adjustment on a 155 Squadron Whirlwind in the camouflage scheme.
Engine repairs underway on a strip near Kuala Lumpur.
Awaiting the start of an operation with the Australian Army at Lasah Strip, 1959.
Troops out, refuel, all with the rotors running. Whirlwind HAR.4 XD182 of 110 Squadron in the overall yellow scheme.
Flying off Penang in Westland Whirlwind HAR.4 XJ426 in the all-new yellow. Taken by a 155 Squadron pilot, it was used as the basis of the unit’s Xmas card for 1959.
Four crews take a break during a trooplift operation with an Australian regiment from the strip at Lasah. The Author is kneeling, third from left.
Troop training at Dusan Tua, Kuala Lumpur - the jump was a long one!
Four Whirlwinds of 155 Squadron on return from an 'op'.
Result of engine failure over the jungle. Despite the look of the blades, an examination of the terrain gives testament to a pretty neat piece of flying. The Whirlwind was stripped of major components and then left to rot.
Slats and flaps retracted, Pioneer XE515 taxies out at Chabai.
An eagle that took exception to sharing its piece of sky with a Pioneer, as it had all the appearances of a deliberate attack. The incident took place at about 4,000ft (1,200m).
Slats and flaps at full stretch, 209 Squadron SAL Pioneer CC.I XJ465 at a strip adjacent to one of the Malayan forts. The generous wing area provided a marvellous sunshade!
Fort Shean, with its unique signboard, the remnants of a crashed Pioneer.
RAAF Sabre taxying at Butterworth.