Aeroplane Monthly 1980-08
C.Burnet, E.Morgan - The V-bombers (1)
The second prototype Valiant, WB215, takes off to do its stuff at the SBAC show, Farnborough, on September 1, 1952.
The first prototype B.9/48 Valiant, WB210, which first flew on May 19, 1951. During engine stop and start tests on January 12, 1952, fire caused the aircraft to be abandoned in flight. The original low area intakes for the Avon RA.3 engines are conspicuous.
The second Valiant, WB215, with the “spectacle” intakes for the Avon RA7 engines and long-range tanks.
The one and only Valiant B Mk 2, WJ954, first flew on September 4, 1953. Finished in gloss black overall, it featured large pods to house the main undercarriage units.
The “unfunny” six-engined Vickers design to Specification B35/46.