Aeroplane Monthly 1980-08
H.Crowte - The CAMS flying boats (1)
A STUDY IN WAVE-MAKING: The C.A.M.S. pusher, piloted by Hurel
The CAMS 38 suffered engine trouble during the 1923 Schneider Trophy contest on the Solent.
The other, completely new, machine for the 1923 Schneider race was the Type 38, a development of the Type 36.
The 36bis was an improved Type 36 for the 1923 Schneider race.
CAMS built large numbers of the 37/11 dual-control four-seater
The CAMS 37 A-9, built in 1931, was the first of the series to have a metal hull, though the flying surfaces were still fabric-covered.
One of the earliest designs was the Type 32, a two-seater with accommodation for a gunner in the bows.
The CAMS 33T was a commercial transport with accommodation for seven passengers.
This view of 33T F-AHDB shows the tandem Hispano 8Fd engines positioned in mid-gap.
The 33B was the company’s first twin-engined aircraft, powered by a pair of Hispano 8Fa’s in tandem. The prototype is depicted.