Aeroplane Monthly 1980-08
R.Riding - Cranwell CLA 2-3 /British pre-war ultralights/
LOW-SPEED FLYING AT LYMPNE: 7, Comper on the Cranwell "C.L.A.2."
The CLA2 during the 1924 Lympne Trials, being flown by its designer, Flt Lt Nicholas Comper. Although it received the civil registration G-EBKC, it is not known whether these letters were ever painted on the aircraft.
A Bristol photograph of the CLA2 taken immediately after completion and prior to the Lympne Trials.
Flt Lt Nicholas Comper
Two RAF officers lend scale to the newly-completed CLA3, seen at Cranwell during the summer of 1925.
Another view of the CLA3 with more powerful Cherub and Fairey metal propeller. The aircraft was scrapped in 1929.
The designer with the CLA3, now registered G-EBMC, re-engined with a 36 h.p. Bristol Cherub and sporting a Fairey metal propeller
The CLA3 fuselage before covering. Note the position of the 4 1/2gal fuel tank just forward of the cockpit.
The scale model of the CLA3 built for the Cranwell Light Aeroplane Club by boys of the No 4 Wing model club. It is believed to have been presented to the Science Museum.
Cranwell C.L.A.3 Bristol "Cherub" Engine