Air Enthusiast 2001-07
S.Aloni - Trainers in Combat
IDF/AF Flying School's Fouga 280, 216 and 243 in flight in December 1968, about the time 147 Squadron was disbanded.
The view from the air of a No.147 Squadron formation attacking Jordanian vehicles in the West Bank on June 7, 1967. By this time, the squadron operated from medium altitude.
Fouga 79 was flown by Amram Shemer on June 6, 1967, when he led a formation to attack Jordanian mortars near Mar Elias monastery south of Jerusalem
Captain (reserve) Amram Shemer in the cockpit of Fouga 285 just before the war. The digit '2' has been added to the serial number 85 in a different style
'Dani' Arber in the cockpit of Fouga 79 painted in the colours of the IDF/AF aerobatic team
Several 147 Squadron pilots pose with Fouga 32 carrying both rocket pods and rocket rails. Left to right: Zvi Kanor, Yitzhak Shaked, Amram Shemer, Moshe Eyal, Uri Shahak, Amos Melamed and Yehuda Lev Ran.
A perfect example of a typical 1960s flypast by the IDF/AF Flying School Fouga trainers - this one over Tel-Aviv on the Israeli Independence Day of May 6, 1965.
For a short while after the Six Day War, the 147 Squadron concept remained intact with Major Mordechai 'Moti' Yeshurun as the commander. Standing (left to right): Avinoam Rozen, David Kishon, Amram Shemer, Eli Eyal, Moshe Eyal, Mordechai Pe’er, Avner Yoshpeh, Ithamar Neuner (Flying School instructor) and Hillel Elroue. Front row (left to right): Mordechai Yeshurun (Flying School Advanced Training Squadron commander), Ya’acov Parnas (Technical Officer), David Helman, Moshe Ofer, unknown and Eli Mor.
An IDF/AF Flying School Fouga overflying El-Arish immediately after the Six Day War.
Fouga 242 in the pre-Six Day War camouflage scheme. During the war, the red DayGlo stripes on the nose section, wingtip fuel tanks and tail unit were removed
Fouga 236 was the aircraft in which Amram Shemer flew from Hatzerim to Ramat-David on June 9, 1967, during the ill-fated deployment
Head-on the Fouga represented a small target, yet it is believed that in at least three, and maybe four, of the six aircraft lost during the Six Day War, the pilot was hit directly by AA fire.
No.147 Squadron ground crews paint 'kill' markings on Fouga 201.
Fouga 218 in an ammunition demo at Tel-Nof before the Flying School moved to Hatzerim in late 1966.
Fouga 4X-FDA was ferried to Israel by the IDF/AF Chief Test Pilot Major Daniel Shapira in November 1957 to serve as a pattern aircraft for local assembly by Bedek Aviation