Air Enthusiast 2001-09
K.Wixey - Magnificent Mustang
A large number of Mustangs are now cherished by appreciative owner/operators all over the world. Illustrated is Cavalier Mk.2 ‘422580’ (67-22580, N151RK) 'Six Shooter'.
Cavalier F-51 Mustang 68-15796, one of three acquired by the US Army as a two-seat chase plane in conjunction with the new Lockheed YAH-56A helicopter's flight test programme in 1968.
Cavalier Mustang 3.
Although it wears RAF colours, this first production NA-73 Mustang I, AG345, was retained by North American Aviation for flight testing. Note location of carburettor intake above the nose.
P-51B-15-NA 42-106767 of the 4th Fighter Group.
Mustang II FX801 with early type cockpit canopy and carburettor intake moved from above to below the nose in enlarged form.
The North American NA-73X prototype after roll out prior to any marking being applied.
Mustang III FX893 spent the bulk of its life on trials at Boscombe Down, including various RP arrangements. Note also the 'Malcolm' hood.
Excellent aerial view showing angular lines in planform of P-51B 43-12408, circa, 1942. Note gun ports blanked off.
North American P-51A Mustang. North American P-51B Mustang.
'Gunfighter', Reg Urschler's immaculate P-51D 44-73264 (N5428V) flying the flag at Midland, Texas.
P-51Ds of the 361st Fighter Group in the classic Mustang mission - acting as 'Little Friends' to the bomber streams of the Eighth Air Force
After World War Two, Mustangs found themselves in a variety of conflicts. Illustrated are South Korean F-51s, May 1953.
Built under licence by CAC as the CA-18, some 200 Mustangs entered RAAF service. This example, A68-565/'LB-V’, is seen in 84 Squadron markings.
CAC-built CA-17 Mustang 21 A68-565 of 84 Squadron, RAAF. The Model 21s were later modified to Mk.22 standard with F.24 camera installations.
Во многих строевых частях одноместные Mustang переделывали в двухместные, но в заводских условиях был построен только один TP-51D с фонарем увеличенного размера и двойным управлением.
One of the Temco-designed TP-51D two-seaters in 1951, featuring an enlarged canopy and raised rear seat.
A number of P-51D Mustangs were converted as two-seat TP-51D trainers, a second seat in the rear replacing re-located radio equipment. The aircraft shown here, USAF 44-84670, was a late conversion and in 1948 re-designated TF-51D.
Excellent aerial shot of F-51D 44-74607, of the California Air National Guard.
Early P-51D-5-NA over a very English-looking countryside.
Instrument panel on CAC Mustang 22 G-HAEC, then with the Old Flying Machine Company
North American P-51D Mustang. North American P-51H Mustang.
North American XP-51J Mustang.
Mustang I AM208 was one of those used experimentally at Hucknall and the A&AEE, Boscombe Down. Apparent here is the 'chin' radiator, although the ventral radiator remains unchanged.