Air Enthusiast 2001-09
F.Gerdessen - Fokker's 'Paper' Fighters
Fokker Ont.150, Bristol Hercules, dated September 9, 1937.
Fokker Ont.151, Rolls-Royce Merlin II, dated January 7, 1938.
Poor, but surviving, drawing of the Ont.203, Fokker D.VII 'rebirth'
Mock-up of a bomber nose on a G.I Mercury on the production line. The entry hatch is on the underside
Mock-up of a bomber nose on a G.I Mercury on the production line.
Fokker Ont.111 with Rolls-Royce Kestrels, dated September 1, 1934.
Fokker CC.III, dated 1934.
DC.II, drawing No.31911, dated October 5, 1933.
Fokker CC.II, dated April 1931.
Fokker D.XVII, dated November 29, 1930.
Three-view: Fokker D.XIX. Centre, right: Ont.112, bottom right, Ont.124.
Fokker D.XVII-B - three-view dated November 7, 1935, lower right dated June 4, 1936.
Fokker D.XV, from original drawing dated August 17, 1928.
Fokker Ont.156, dated December 23, 1937.
Second G.2 mock-up. The first mock-up is visible to the top right. The four-gun pack under the nose is lowered.
Second G.2 mock-up seen from the rear, with two built-in conical turrets and the bottom cannon.
Fokker D.XVIII, dated February 24, 1931.
Fokker Ont.123, dated January 1935 - Hispano Suiza.
Fokker Ont.123, dated January 1935 - Gnome et Rhone.
Three-view, Fokker Ont.198, dated September 19, 1939 and, bottom right: Ont. 199, dated September 23, 1939.
Fokker Ont.195, dated September 12, 1939.
Fokker Ont.184, dated May 8, 1939.
Fokker Ont.201, dated April 10, 1940.